Pixxel plans to build the globe’s top resolution hyperspectral satellite array

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Pixxel is the first Indian private earth imaging firm that invested $7.3 million with the new capital from Omnivore and Techstars. Other investors who joined include Lightspeed Ventures, Ryan Johnson (former leader at Planet Labs), Blume Ventures and growX.

On Thursday, when the meeting took place, Pixxel did not hide its secret and went ahead to discuss its mission publicly. Pixxel plans on developing the largest hyperspectral satellite constellation, and its first hyperspectral satellite would launch in the next few months.

Awais Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer of Pixxel, confirmed the excitement of Pixxel concerning the development of its satellite constellation. The new funds would help develop healthy surveillance of the planet by using the most developed hyperspectral satellites, which would help take pictures of what is happening globally. The satellites will also allow the society to handle many issues pressing humanity and provide a combination of spatial, temporal, and spectral resolutions.

By doing this, humanity would have the chance to explore the earth like never before. As compared to other current multispectral satellites, Pixxel’s hyperspectral Earth-imaging satellites would beam down data that is 50 times clear because they will snap reflection from the earth in details and much narrower bands. This would facilitate the capture of actual chemical signatures and provide a more detailed solution to agriculture, environment conservation, and energy. Once they launch the satellites, Pixxel’s constellation would offer full coverage of the earth in higher resolutions while reducing any existing satellite competitors’ cost.

The extra funds would be used to boost the efforts of Pixxel in improving the agricultural sector around the world. Satellites comprising agricultural datasets will improve the current crop and water management, analytics, and identification of the spectrum of issues related to crop management. The extra fund would also enable Pixxel to overgrow its production scale to meet the high demand for high-quality remote sensing data by using hyperspectral imaging.

The contract with NISL is remarkable and the first one after the launching of IN-SPACe, an authorization and regulatory body that works under the Department of Space (DoS). The organization will help the private sector to start working on its space activities in India.

DoS and Pixxel will work together to enhance the utilization and maximization of space assets and their advantages in India. The crucial project would provide solutions to other pressing issues concerning the environment and agriculture sectors. Pixxel signed an agreement with Momentus Inc., Silicon Valley-based in-space satellite transportation and infrastructure firm. Its plans to deploy its satellite aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 to SSO orbit (Sun Synchronous Orbit).

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