SpaceX celebrates the anniversary of its first launch with the Starlink project

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SpaceX is one of the most significant space company globally, with many inventions and technologies. Under the leadership of one of the richest men globally, Elon Musk is famous for his intelligence, commitment to work, and innovation explaining why the firm is outstanding.  Recently, SpaceX marks its anniversary since the first Starlink mission launch. This project is famous thanks to its ambitious goal of providing a solid internet connection globally at a less-expensive price.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched another constellation of Starlink satellites on March 24th 2021, exactly fifteen years after its unsuccessful debut launch. Starlink mission is an over a decade old project with fails and wins, with the Falcon 9 rocket taking off from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 4.24 a.m recently. In 64 minutes, the upper stage was in the low earth orbit delivering its payload of 60 Starlink satellites.

The rocket’s first phase on the sixth flight arrived on a droneship in the Atlantic Ocean eight minutes and thirty seconds after taking off from the station. That booster that debut launched in June 2020 was carrying a GPS satellite. In January, it launched the Turksat 5A and three other missions under the Starlink project. This launch by coincidence happened fifteen years later after the first SpaceX launch of its Falcon 1 Rocket. It took place in the Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. However, unlike this launch, the launch on March 24th 2006, was unsuccessful due to the first stage’s engine failure after thirty seconds in the take-off.

Later two more launches were unsuccessful until the development team’s fourth trial with the Falcon 1 Launch lifted off a test payload into space, getting into the orbit successfully in September 2008. This Falcon 1 took its last mission in 2009 before the company retired the spacecraft to start using the larger Falcon 9. The Falcon 9 is one of the most powerful workforces the company has, with over 110 launches since its launch in 2010.

This liftoff marks the ninth Falcon 9 mission this year and the fourth this month. Seven of the total launches, including four this month, are related to the Starlink mission, which increases the constellation to over 1300 satellites. In the Japanese space conference with Jonathan Hofeller, SpaceX vice president, he stated that the company is creating about six satellites daily in the Seattle factory.

All the satellites are the first generation, but the company is working on the second generation. SpaceX is expanding the beta test of Starlink internet, but things are challenging with varying national regulations. Jonathan stated that they are a rocket company and that it is inevitable to get partners globally with growth.

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