The $1Trillion electric vehicles boom is getting started

Electric vehicles Energy

A considerable share of carmakers are moving to the electric vehicles sector, and if you watch out on market trends, you would understand the reason. If not, then EVs are the clean energy projects in the transport sector. As the energy sector focuses on renewable energy, the transport sector is venturing into electric cars. Why not when they need electric energy other than diesel and petrol with high carbon emissions.

EVs rising in 2021 are expected to record a range of 500 miles. Tesla is the premiering company in the electric vehicle ventures, and its 2020 gains run up to 740%, while its counterpart, Chinese carmaker Nio, gains run up to 1,110%. These figures do not come as a surprise since the two companies have been domineering in the field. But there is a record of gains of another carmaker, Facedrive, which runs up to 860%. You have probably never heard of the company, but the rate at which it is rising is admirable.

Facedrive is an eco-friendly company with many key partnerships and deals in 2020, including the government, global tech titans, and A-list celebrities. The company has taken advantage of the electric vehicles’ rapid popularity growth to make innovative moves and creative acquisitions to help the company grow. The records in the company’s 2020 database are impressive, and they are off for a successful 2021. Experts claim that this is the year that Facedrive will become a household names

Let’s check out the key reasons why Facedrive is a company you need to watch out for this year

The Electric vehicles tipping point

The rise of electric vehicles’ popularity is no secret, and Tesla’s dominance and smooth run in the field is something that all who are paying attention to in the motor world can see. Most of the firms are investing in a Tesla EV for an incredible ride. Many companies have started venturing into EVs with President Biden’s push on clean energy.

However, Facedrive has been working on EVs for a while now, and they have a simple but effective model. It is working on replacing the Ubers with the ride we plant a tree move. It is an electric shift of public transport system.

Capitalizing on two significant trends

Facedrive has supportive management that can see through the future. In 2020, the company focused on creating EVs and a food delivery safe transport system. It has an electric vehicle subscription like Netflix, where you pay a monthly fee to ride an electric vehicle.

There is a TraceSCAN wearable tech under Facedrive to warn you in case you meet a Covid-19 patient.

Growth Access in different areas

Facedrive is focusing on Food delivery, health issues, and EVs. It gives the company a sense of diversity where it doesn’t depend on one source of income. With these facts, the company can handle tough times in the future.

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