Trina Solar opens a new business unit that will revolve around Energy Storage

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Trina Solar is a renowned photovoltaic company in China, and in its efforts to focus on energy storage, it has launched a new business unit. Its purpose will be to cater to energy storage for microgrids and large industrial applications. Since there is a high demand for standalone, solar-plus-storage, the business unit’s target is to meet it. For these storage projects, it is banking on its experience in the solar sector. After all, the company has so far worked in firms from various sectors in the industry, including power production, development, procurement, construction, and engineering. Therefore, that keeps them at a better place to flourish in such an industry since the renewable energy sector is snowballing as time goes by, no doubt.

Both commercial and industrial applications and the global utility will see the energy storage markets grow as well. Some reports show that by 2040, it will have attracted investments worth more than $560 billion. As the generation of solar energy increases, the demand for its storage will also rise. Dealing with the energy storage issue will see the supply imbalances caused by renewables, including solar, causes the power grid will become a thing of the past.

What better way of sorting the demand than developing Trina Storage, a business unit dedicated to storage? Customers should expect the energy storage solutions to be highly scalable and flexible. Solutions will not only be in the form of software and hardware but also services. One should expect the likes of monitoring, support, power conversion systems, and lithium-ion phosphate batteries solutions

According to Terry Chen, the head of the overseas storage business at Trina Solar, the renewable energy sector will grow exponentially in the coming years since the energy needs will also go up. Chen said that the only thing that could see the transition to clean energy turn out to be effective is storage. As a result, customers need a storage solution they can trust, and one way of knowing if it is suitable for the job is gauging how informed they are as far as the energy sector is concerned.

It is important to note that energy storage has been missing in action on most occasions despite being a crucial aspect in the clean energy transition. For solar energy, one can only generate power when there is the sun. Since there are times when the sun will be in abundance, whereas at other times, it would be nowhere to be seen, energy storage is indispensable. It allows one to produce as much as possible when the opportunity avails itself.

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