Delhi government has declared its support for the transition to electric vehicles

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The Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) unveiled the Switch Delhi program to encourage the private sector to invest in electric vehicles. This event happened on Tuesday, and New Delhi residents will be watching to see how this strategy turns out. The Switch Delhi project will involve WRI India, which is renowned for promoting environmentally friendly projects and socially sound ideas in development.

The Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot unveiled the details of this partnership with the hope that it can rejuvenate the economy of Delhi. Gahlot explained that the Switch Delhi program is part of the strategy dedicated to making Delhi the hub for electric vehicles in India. New Delhi residents can declare their support for this program by purchasing electric vehicles and planting electric vehicle charging systems in their homes to sustain the operations of the cars. Gahlot stated he had already following these recommendations to lead the residents of the city by example.

Gahlot revealed that more than 6000 electric cars had entered Delhi’s car register. Other strategies supporting this transition include subsidies amounting to Rs 13.5 crore on more than 200 electric car models to accelerate their uptake by consumers. The minister was narrating all these in his virtual address on the topic “Encouraging Private Vehicles to Switch to Electric Vehicles.”

The virtual conference included more than 100 electric vehicle fanatics divided into two groups: the electric vehicle developers and experts and the other on how the youth can participate in the electric vehicle campaign. WRI India’s, O P Agarwal, stated that the other states’ measures promote investment in the industry. However, he explained that the Delhi policies are a direct approach instead of coercing investors. The subsidies and incentives established will facilitate the smooth transition to electric vehicles, and the central government hopes that the other states can copy what Delhi is doing.

Other notables in the virtual meeting include Abhishek Ranjan of BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and Akshima Ghate of Rocky Mountain Institute, India. The webinar brought together dignitaries and stakeholders in Delhi who were key in the development and will over the implementation of the Switch Delhi project.

For instance, the Delhi government participated in the awareness initiative to educate the citizens on the advantages of transitioning to electric vehicles. The DDC articulated that the program focuses on promoting and educating everybody in Delhi about the benefits of phasing out internal combustion engine cars and taking up electric vehicles. One of the advantages that the region will witness is improved air quality as a result of reduced emissions from the transportation sector.

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