622 People Have Lost Their Lives in Philippine because of dengue

The Philippine authorities have declared the nation’s outbreak of dengue a national epidemic following the death of at least 622 sufferers since January.

The country’s health department introduced late on Tuesday that Francisco Duque III, the health secretary, made the declaration to enhance the response to the outbreak by permitting local governments to attract on a special Quick Response Fund.

It mentioned the Philippines recorded 146,062 cases of dengue from January through July 20 this year, 98 % more than the same period in 2018. That’s roughly 5,036 cases every week.

Among the many worst-hit areas are the central Philippines in addition to some areas within the northern island of Luzon and the southern island of Mindanao.

Duque mentioned a campaign is being launched focusing on the destruction of mosquito breeding sites.

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection present in tropical nations worldwide. It can trigger joint pain, nausea, vomiting, and a rash, and might cause breathing issues, hemorrhaging, and organ failure in extreme cases.

While there isn’t any specific treatment for the sickness, medical care to maintain an individual’s fluid levels is seen as critical.

The Department of Health stated that starting on Tuesday, it was conducting a campaign to focus on discovering and destroying mosquito breeding sites, which is a major means of containing dengue.

Other government agencies, local government units, schools, offices, and communities will join in the effort, it mentioned.

In 2017, the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte banned the dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia, after its French producer reported that it might trigger extreme effects on sufferers not previously exposed to the virus.

Some critics have blamed the decision for the present outbreak. However, Duque, the health secretary, mentioned that the World Health Organization didn’t recommend the use of the vaccine as an outbreak response.


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