Updates That Can Take Place in Google assistant in Coming Months

Earlier this month, we noticed a “Resume your podcast” card within the Google Assistant Updates feed. This visible snapshot of your day is testing a full weather card, while there’s now a recommendations carousel dedicated to Spotify or YouTube Music.

At the moment, the weather is the very first thing displayed under the fun greeting. It consists of an icon for the condition and text description, in addition to the temperature with a tap starting the Google Weather experience that is a part of the Search app.

Google is now experimenting a full card that’s more suggestive of what you would discover in Search or when ordering Assistant. Added metrics include rain chance, high/low for the day, and location. Bigger in size, glanceability, and visibility notably improve.

We have so far only encountered this full weather card on one system, and it’s since not seen. It could substitute the current weather status, or be contextual and seem when appropriate.

In the meantime, one addition that’s more widely rolled out is “Recommended music” in Google Assistant Updates that features a carousel from Spotify or YouTube Music. The app is famous within the upper-left corner, while “This phone” is marked on the bottom of the card.

The system icon can be tapped to modify between other Assistant audio system or Smart Displays. You can then swipe through playlist options from the streaming service to rapidly discover something to listen to.

When Assistant Updates launched last July, Google mentioned that more features and integrations could be coming over time. Music and podcasts had been promised, together with notes and nearby event discovery.

Edison Carroll

Edison Carroll

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