Internet-Connected Cars Can Be Hacked

As carmakers continue to pack their latest models with all method of “smart” technology, researchers are involved that linked automobiles will turn into an increasingly irresistible target for hackers. Brand new research by scientists with the Georgia Institute of Technology and Multiscale Systems, Inc., means that if hackers discover severe vulnerabilities in internet-connected cars, they may easily halt traffic in complete cities with the push of a button.

The research uses the science of physics to predict how visitors patterns are affected by automobiles shutting down in the middle of the road. By factoring in various forms of roads, the number of lanes, visitors density, the staff simulated how even a comparatively small number of “frozen” connected cars may bring total cities to a total halt.

“With cars, one of many worrying issues is that at the moment there is successfully one central computing system, and a lot runs via it,” Jesse Silverberg, co-author of the research, mentioned in a statement. “You don’t essentially have separate programs to run your car and run your satellite radio. If you get into one, you could possibly get into the other.”

Vehicles with internet-connected control feature already exist, and while a widespread hack hasn’t happened (yet), the potential for critical issues is slowly rising with each new connected car that hits the pavement. Of their simulations, the researchers discovered the tipping level at which the variety of stalled vehicles completely halts traffic for large inhabitants. In one test, the group froze traffic in all of Manhattan.

Emily Rodriguez

Emily Rodriguez

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