Damaging Compounds Found in Vape Juice

Scientists do not know a lot yet concerning the long-term results of “vape juice,” the liquid utilized in e-cigarettes and vaporizers. However, researchers analyzing the liquid and the vapor produced when it is heated say some sorts of e-liquids are reacting to form irritating chemicals referred to as acetals while they’re sitting on shelves.

Greater than 3 million young people, in addition to some adults, use e-cigarettes, in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A lot of them could be inhaling these compounds frequently. And that might be irritating or even damaging to their lungs, Yale and Duke University researchers recommend.

The study published Tuesday appeared particularly at eight flavors of Juul e-liquids, which include a different mixture of solvents than many other manufacturers of e-liquid. These new findings construct on similar work the analysis group published in October 2018 on other brands of e-liquids.

Acetals are formed from alcohol and aldehydes, chemicals used to flavor and perfume foods, and different commercial products. While some are considered harmful, many are typically recognized as safe to eat and touch, says Hanno Erythropel, the research’s lead author and an associate analysis scientist at Yale’s chemical and environmental engineering department.

Still, little is thought about the results of aldehydes and acetals when inhaled this way, Erythropel provides, though some analysis has shown that the acetals can irritate airways more strongly than the aldehydes they have been formed from. And that irritation can prompt an inflammatory response in the respiratory system.

Emily Rodriguez

Emily Rodriguez

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