Google Pixel 4 Can Be Much Similar to iPhone

When the Pixel 4 releases this fall, it’ll feature a number of signature features, some more exciting than others. For instance, the phone will pack the first dual-lens camera in Pixel history, and we know that due to Google’s official Pixel 4 teaser that confirmed the phone’s rear design. A number of reports additionally claimed that the front side of the handset would house at least two features that had been never before seen on Pixel handsets, together with one that’s not available on another smartphone to date. Now, Google just confirmed one of them in the best possible way.

Leaks just a few days ago confirmed us the Pixel 4’s alleged front design complete with those asymmetrical bezels which might be barely less hideous than the Pixel 3’s large notch. We discovered that the top bezel would include a slew of cutouts, housing components for Google’s Face ID equivalent in addition to the Project Soli radar system.

The Pixel 4 is anticipated to support 3D face recognition similar to the iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS series phones. Soli, in the meantime, is the codename of Google’s technology that makes use of radar to pick up gestures and turn them into actions on a tool. Now we’ve learned that Google is already testing its own Face ID out within the wild in a number of locations around the world, ZDNet reports.

Google workers in New York requested one engineer whether or not he’d share his face data with Google for $5 — yes, that’s not a joke. Google is harvesting face information to train computers to recognize faces. And it’s paying anyone interested in sharing the data a symbolic amount of money in Amazon or Starbucks gift cards.

Katie Ford

Katie Ford

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