PUBG Will Launch Its Biggest Update This Month

The updated and reworked version of PUBG’s first map, Erangel is here, together with the game’s fourth season. The full season 4 update is bringing a number of the most significant modifications the game has ever seen including the updated map, weapon and vehicle rebalancing, and a massive change to healing gadgets. PUBG’s season 4 patch is presently available on the game’s test server and is ready to go live on PC July 24. Season 4 will launch on consoles late this summer.

Season 4’s biggest change will be the new version of Erangel. Over the last several months PUBG Corp. has updated the map’s look in addition to the layout of lots of its locations. Widespread spots like Mylta Power, Prison, Mansion, and Military Base have all gotten small overhauls, with newly updated buildings and terrain. There are additionally more minor modifications all over the map. Hills have been leveled into open plains or moved to different areas, rocks and bushes are in different areas, and dozens of small buildings have popped up throughout the island.

The patch may also overhaul the game’s weapon balance. While there are many specifics in the patch notes, the major takeaway is that there shall be barely less damage from weapons like the M4 and M16, and a few slight buffs to shotguns and sub-machine guns. Even more significant than the weapon adjustments, although, is the change to healing items. The patch will also let players heal while walking, although the action will be canceled if they sprint or jump.

You can see all of the patch’s balance modifications within the notes under, or you may view PUBG Corps.’ full patch notes for a look at everything that’s changing in season 4.


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