Another Case of Flesh-Eating Bacteria

An Alabama man is fighting flesh-eating bacteria infection he contracted throughout a weekend kayaking journey according to his wife, who shared gruesome photographs on social media to warn others about the rare disease.

Ricky Rutherford and his spouse, Cassey, of Waterloo along with their family and friends, went kayaking at Second Creek on July 6.

Two days later, Ricky went to the office and came home with a 103-degree temperature and cramping in his legs, in accordance with the station. He works in a warehouse, so he thought he was simply feeling the results of working on his feet in the heat.

So he returned back to work the next day; however, he may hardly walk at all when he got home.

“When he undressed he discovered his leg was red and swollen,” Cassey posted to Facebook. “We instantly went to the ER last night, and they informed us it was cellulitis probably contracted from our kayaking journey Saturday and treated him with IV antibiotics and sent him home with two more. They instructed him if there was any change to come back.”

However, issues only got worse the next morning — with Ricky running a 105 fever, his wife mentioned. So the couple rushed back to the emergency room. That’s when doctors detected it was flesh-eating bacteria.

Ricky went into surgery Friday, and doctors cleaned out a 6-inch chunk of his leg, Cassey stated.

By Monday, cultures confirmed that flesh-eating bacteria or necrotizing fasciitis was responsible.

Edison Carroll

Edison Carroll

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