A Missing Hiker Was Found in Inyo National Forest

A lost hiker who was found alive Monday, days after she vanished in a distant area of California where she says she fled from a knife-wielding man, tells ABC News she’s “thankful” to be home and reunited along with her family members.

Sheryl Powel, of Huntington Beach, California, and her husband, together with their small dog, arrived at the Grandview Campground within the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest area of the Inyo National Forest on Friday afternoon for a weekend camping trip. Sheryl Powell mentioned she decided to take the dog for a walk and briefly discover the wilderness around them while her husband, Joseph, parked their vehicle.

“Miley, my dog, and I went off together and never quite made it back as soon as I assumed,” Sheryl Powell told ABC News’ Amy Robach in an interview together with her family, which aired Tuesday on “Good Morning America.”

All of a sudden, a man with a knife emerged from behind a tree and threatened Powell and her dog, she stated.

“He was observing me, and it was scary,” she informed. “If we made noise, if we yelled out, he was going to hurt us.”

Powell stated she tried to be compliant until she had an opportunity to flee.

“I took my dog, and we ran in the other direction than I knew my husband was, because the man was between my husband and me, so I went the opposite way,” she mentioned. “I did what I needed to.”

Powell mentioned she ran as fast as she may until she was sure the man was not following her.

“I just realized I was not sure where I was as a result of I had been running out of fear,” she added.

Emily Rodriguez

Emily Rodriguez

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