President of Brazil Offered Position Of US Ambassador To His Son

Eduardo Bolsonaro, 35, who is presently serving as a congressman and advises his father on international affairs, told reporters he would settle for the post if it were offered.

The place of ambassador has been vacant since April.

Mr. Eduaerdo Bolsonaro was elected last year after a successful campaign he mentioned had been impressed by Donald Trump.

Eduardo must resign as a congressman if he did take up the place of an ambassador.

The appointment hinges on his son accepting the place, the president stated

“I do not wish to decide his future for him if the legislation says he has to renounce his position,” Mr. Bolsonaro was quoted as saying by Reuters news company.

Bolsonaro has been dubbed Brazil’s “shadow foreign minister” on the Brazilian international ministry because of the robust influence he has on his father’s foreign policy concepts.

The president and his son have a pro-United States stance, breaking with Brazil’s traditionally more cautious position, and Bolsonaro is openly pro-Israeli, whereas in past Brazil has been careful not to offend Arab nations.

Mr. Bolsonaro makes use of a number of his family members as official advisers. His eldest son, Flavio, is a senator, while Carlos is a Rio de Janeiro city council member.

Mr. Trump is to be known for placing family members to political positions. On the White House website, the daughter of trump, Ivanka is listed as an adviser to the president, focussing on “the education and economic empowerment of women and their families as well as job creation and economic growth.”

Emily Rodriguez

Emily Rodriguez

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