Kraft- I Think That Was the Secret to Apollo

On July 20, 1969, NASA completed their Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, with Neil Armstrong becoming the first person to step on the lunar surface. The event introduced the world to a standstill as millions watched anxiously on live TV before Armstrong delivered his legendary “one small step” speech that marked the end of the Space Race with the Soviet Union. However, former Apollo boss Christopher Kraft claims there’s one secret many have no idea about that day almost half a century ago.

Mr. Kraft was the lead flight director of the first Apollo mission – generally called as Apollo 1, which was planned to launch in 1967 and complete a Low-Earth orbit test.

Nevertheless, on January 27 that year, the three crew members were killed in fire throughout a countdown test on the pad.

Mr. Kraft claimed throughout Altitude Film’s upcoming release “Armstrong” how the incident was a result of corners being cut beneath political pressure to beat the Soviets into space.

He stated: “It was horrible, I might hear all three of their voices, they didn’t last very long either, about 10 or 15 seconds.

“The administration was working, running to get to the Moon and I think they had been prepared to take chances.

“I think had they been thinking properly they wouldn’t have taken them.”

Nonetheless, Mr. Kraft additionally claimed this accident was pivotal to the rest of the Apollo missions.

He says it took the accident for NASA to determine their errors and prevent them from occurring again.

He added: “It took the fire to rebuild the vehicle.

“And I think that was the secret to Apollo.

“Without it, it simply wouldn’t have happened. I don’t think we’d have got to the Moon.”

The agency additionally features Armstrong’s memoirs, voiced by Harrison Ford, which give an insight into how the tragedy affected the legendary astronaut.


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